Thanks for telling me you want to know more about easier Content Planning! 

I'm working on something to show what's worked for me and help make strategic content planning easier for you. Aka the magical 'consistency' in our marketing mojo!

Mighty Marketing Mojo Best System is Consistency

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Here at Mighty Marketing Mojo I have several blog posts with tips and resources on content marketing that solopreneurs can take advantage of:

Woman Looking at Evergreens Why Content Planning is Like Gardening

Why Content Planning is Like Gardening

Marketing is quite a bit like farming – planting seeds, nurturing, and

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Mighty Marketing Mojo 5 Evergreen Content Ideas for Bored Business Owner

5 Evergreen Content Ideas for any Solopreneur Niche

If You're Feeling Stuck for Content Ideas Pick One of These to

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Using Canva as Part of Smart Content Curation

Use Canva and Templates to Style Images for Smart Blog Post Curation

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