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InfoHound's suggested fixes for solopreneur YouTube marketing

10 Quick YouTube Fixes

10 Quick Fixes for Better Marketing With YouTube You’ve read my posts about all the facts on why video is hot, hot, hot. You’ve heard it from other coaches and solopreneur leaders, marketing experts, and umpteen online courses or emails. So you have a YouTube channel and you’re making some videos. Great! Now here are […]

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Hand Drawn Marketing Terms Branding More than Logo

Branding is More Than a Logo – Your 10 pt Checklist

Making Good Branding Decisions – Your 10 Point Checklist   Let’s clear up one misconception right away – your brand is more than a logo. Way more. Your brand is every touch point you have with your customers. Yes, customer service is a key aspect of branding. Your brand is the image that people observe, […]

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