I see you're interested in content on the Tech + Tools we use in our business and marketing! 

I'm not an IT specialist but I'm more techie than a lot of my biz pals. 🤓
I'll share tips, trainings, my recommendations, experience and how to get more use from the various tools and software we use.

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Hey ... I have some email help for you!

I created the Write Your Mighty Emails Kit to help when you aren't sure what to send, how to say it, how to follow-up with a client or after a sale, and to just generally jump start your consistent email habit.

The Kit has an email planner, tracker and more than 30 prompts and/or templates for emails that nurture and give value, encourage replies, clicks and engagement, follow-up with clients and customers, gather testimonials, and re-engage inactive subscribers.  Normally $27, get it for just $17!

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Or why not check out...

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