I am collecting and sharing stories, tips, best practices and words of wisdom from my solopreneur, online business pals about their tech stacks or tech choices.

❓What advice do you wish you’d had when you first started online?

❓How did you choose the tools you now use? 

❓Do you use anything that is less common or unusual in your niche?

❓Have any regrets about something you chose and used and then switched away from? (Heck, who among us DOESN’T have one of those!) 

❓Do you have a favorite gadget or physical piece of technology that you love and use everyday in your business?

Think of this as a collaborative guest post!

Please fill out the form below with information I will edit and use in the blog post. Please be as specific and succinct as possible in your examples or stories. I will edit for length and flow of the contributions, but I want you to be free to show your style and personality! Not all answers will appear – some may be reserved for a later post or additional content. You will be credited and your links used.  If you have an affiliate program that would be a good fit for me and my community let me know so I can use your links!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with me and my community!


Tech Stories

Tech Stories

Collaboration blog post about the tech you use in your online business and what you wish you knew when starting out

Please share short stories, tips, or words of wisdom to other online entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, course creators) who may be newer to the online biz world and have questions and fears around the tech they need to run and market a business online. 'What's one thing you wish you'd known or tried when you first started? What's your go-to app, software, or platform that you can't do without? Has it changed over time? Be sure to include your contact information so I can properly give you credit and link to your site.

I'm ok with Jennifer sharing my comments or stories in blog, video, ebook or other content - with attribution