Thanks for contributing your tips and stories on using video marketing in your online business!

Video can be so powerful for helping people to get to know, like, and trust you and your business. And there are so many ways to use video in marketing these days! You don't need studios, gear, or fancy equipment. No matter if you do lives, GIFs, animated text, Reels, tutorials for YouTube, or never appear on-camera – I'd like to collect and share some of your stories and tips to help inspire other online biz owners, especially solopreneurs who are new to video or wondering if it's the right tactic for their business.


Video Stories

Video Stories

Collaboration blog post about using any and all forms of video for marketing our businesses.

Please share short stories, tips, or words of wisdom to other online entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, course creators) who are beginning to explore video marketing or want to embrace video but may have questions, concerns or even a fear of being on-camera. You don't have to answer all questions. Be sure to include your contact information so I can properly give you credit and link to your site.