100 types of content to create for business solopreneur marketing

Over 100 Ideas for Content Solopreneurs Can Use in Business

Solopreneurs Are Busy So It Helps If Someone Gives Us TONS of Content Ideas to Use

Being a solo business owner means we are ALWAYS busy. Marketing our business to fill up that pipeline of interested prospective clients takes as much or more work than our client projects. But don’t put it off, push it down the to-do list, and don’t think it’s too enormous to handle. Pick something and work on it – marketers are always trying and testing, and so should we solopreneurs.

I have a few books from Jay Baer on my bookshelf, he’s a smart guy, and I’ve followed his blog, Convince and Convert, since I started my own solo business. He gets that sometimes we run out of ideas on what to talk about to our audiences of potential clients, industry influencers, or social networks. So this guest post from the smart folks at CoSchedule give 105 (WOW!) types of content you could be working on. [Not every one will apply to you – surely you can find something in 100+ options though!]

CoSchedule Gives 105 Types of Content any business can use to fill content calendar

CoSchedule Suggests 105 Ways to Fill Your Content Calendar

So check out the post and pick just ONE type to work on this month. Pick another ONE type next month. Watch your stats and results. Do more of what works.

Psst – when in doubt, start with #1 – List Posts. They still rule the internet for good reason.  And I think we info pro solopreneurs, those of us serving other businesses, should definitely work on #6, Case Studies.

content type illustrations unicorn unique marketing

Don't we all want to be unicorns?! (Illustrations, content type #45)

And I used #79 (webinars) for nearly three years (I gave monthly webinars with explorations of marketing tech at Marketing Tool Talk – we're on hiatus with the tool talk webinars right now, but you can get tool tips in my regular emails)

#4 is a WHY post or piece of content – for example, why something is the way it is in your niche or industry. I may have followed that format when I created a page explaining what licensed or PLR content is, and what online, digital bundles sales are and why they are good for small businesses. Those pieces also answered common questions my solo pals have asked so that could be content type #3 too!

See, this isn't that hard after all!

Go pick one, and then two or three, type of content to focus on for the next 30-90 days. Practice, publish, repeat, see what works. You CAN do this solo pals!

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