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SEO Success Factors Infographic

The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors Is a Beautiful Thing! Search Engine Land rarely steers anyone wrong. They do the research, ferret out what’s really going on, know their stuff and don’t pull punches. They report on the good, bad and ugly of search and have great stuff demystifying SEO. Creating great, solid, engaging, […]

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Google’s Hummingbird and what it might mean for your marketing

What might Google’s latest algorithm shift -‘Hummingbird’ – mean for your marketing? Google is at it again! Google is changing its algorithms more frequently than most people change their sheets.  [10x in 4 mo, yeah, that’s a lot. For algorithms, and maybe even sheets.] By now you’ve likely heard or read about Google’s latest change […]

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Google takes away the keys to keyword research for marketers

Google, keyword research and marketers Well, hell. Figuring out how folks found your website and landed there has gotten a whole lot harder thanks to Google. A staple tool of webmasters (novice and pro alike) and marketers – keyword research – is changing or disappearing. Google has basically ‘hidden’ the search results of ALL users […]

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Revisiting the Google Graveyard: Infographic

More tools are lost to the Google Graveyard With July 1 we saw the demise of the once (and still) popular Google Reader. And many report that Google Alerts have been hit-or-miss in recent months, leading to speculation of its death knell . [Actually, Google has already quietly killed part of Alerts – bye-bye RSS feeds] […]

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U.S. Government Big Data – A big deal!

“Big Data” is a hot topic and the U.S. Government’s “Big Data” set is a very big deal is well worth the visit and some serious time spent exploring. Think of as the official government ‘big data’ site-  for the people, by the people. Enough big data to keep the most serious number […]

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The Google Graveyard

Products end up in the Google Graveyard, often without warning We all know and love Google. Or have a love/hate relationship with it some days. And Google is great at announcing new tools. But it quietly, stealthily kills other ones. It never tells you they’re gone until you go looking. Mostly, when a Google app […]

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Why Meta Search is ‘meh’ … and what might be better

What is ‘meta search’ and does it work? “Meta” = ‘more highly organized’; ‘more comprehensive’. Meta search is a tool or specialized search engine that sends your request to other search engines simultaneously and instantly combines the results into 1 list for you. It’s potentially a way to save time by searching many more sites […]

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