Fireworks-red-pink-FloridaJuly 4th – Time to Celebrate Your Entrepreneurial Freedom

Even if you aren't an entrepreneur – yet – you still enjoy many similar freedoms. Or you likely want to. This is a great time to reflect on the independent mindset and how we can all nurture it in ourselves and others.

We’re more than ever a nation of independent workers, entrepreneurial in spirit if not in action. Some of that by choice, some by forces out of our control. But  . . . we can choose whether we stay on our own Freedom Trails or not.

LibertyBell RedWe have been given the freedom to choose – whether we stay in a employer-controlled job, to work for a nonprofit, to volunteer, to moonlight, to freelance, to consult, or to wholly own our own businesses. We can choose to go back to j-o-b-s, to retire, to teach, to work part-time, to work multiple jobs or gigs to make it and stay afloat. None of those or all of those. Never forget that you have more choice than you think. What paths to take, what the trail and winding journey looks like for each of us.

And we are not alone

More than 50+ million Americans are out on their own (updated – Statista says as of 2020 nearly 60 million freelancers in US)  in some way – freelancing, consulting, work-for-hire, running their own business and own lives. Gigs, side hustles, consulting, freelancing  – it's all been on the rise for years.  Small businesses (with <49 employees, so truly ‘small’) have contributed to most to overall job growth in the US lately (BLS, SBA). America has 3.7 Million ‘microbusinesses’ (<9 employees) and they make up 75% of ALL private-sector employers. Wow. Are you one of those? Do you want to be?

There are a lot of other solos to be out ‘alone’ alongside.

What might work independence look and feel like for you? For your work with clients, your community, your family, your fellow entrepreneurs? What small and big freedoms will you celebrate?

This Freedom Fourth maybe you will celebrate:Freedom Fourth Story-InfoHound

  • Freedom to work wherever you choose
  • Freedom to believe in yourself, your abilities, your skills, your gifts
  • Freedom from working with sabotaging bosses or co-workers, time- and soul-sucking tasks
  • Freedom to choose your own projects, your own clients, your own boss
  • Freedom to work on projects you really, truly love – with people that respect and love you back
  • Freedom to pursue your dreams in all their forms
  • Freedom to break rules and create your own
  • Freedom of flexibility
  • Freedom from trying to please everyone, and never being quite happy with yourself
  • Freedom to be who you are, play to your strengths, and love what you do

Take time this 4th of July, Independence Day holiday weekend to celebrate your own freedoms. Claim your Freedom – now and every day going forward. What has led you to take a different path, or just begin to contemplate it, and the happiness that independence brings you.

About the author 

Jennifer Burke

I want all of my solopreneur pals to feel confident and mighty in their marketing - sharing what makes their work special and so vital to their clients. No B.S. or fluff here. I do the digging and research for you, translate "marketing-ese" into simpler terms, and help you avoid marketing headaches.

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