Instagram Facts from Experts

Let's Get Some Tips and Fast Facts From the REAL Instagram Experts (hint: not me!)

I am not an Instagram expert nor do I play one online. 😊 Good thing I know some serious, REAL Instagram experts to turn to for Instagram marketing help. And since you now know me, you can get access to those experts too!

Look, I love gorgeous images and great photography – I photography books on my coffee table and my bookshelf, have taken classes of/off for 30+ years, and have bins full of cameras in my office that say I need to get out and shoot more. But that’s just it – I like using my real cameras, and then processing, and maybe sharing the best. Ok, I love my iPhone camera too, when I can get a well-composed shot.

But I mostly use Instagram to share food, wine, and travel pics. Not business-related pics. It didn’t make sense as a business tool for me in my library consulting and training business, and not sure it makes sense for Mighty Marketing Mojo either.

BUT I get it! I get the appeal. And like I said, I DO know research and the right experts to connect us to for Instagram help.

First – a few Insta-facts [Updated]:

Statista US Instagram Users by Age Chart
US Instagram Users by Age (Statista)

Instagram ads LaunghingBone via Wordstream brands on social media

Tips and Trends from the Instagram Experts

Hootsuite reports on how a lot of big brands are shifting to Instagram (they were already there, but are strengthening and concentrating efforts) for even more visual content and communications. And they are seeing some BIG numbers in engagement. Instagram skews younger (majority under 30) and really brand conscious (54% of users follow brands on Instagram) – so if that matches your demographics, start planning ways to amp up your Instagram efforts.

Design tips for instagram from Hubspot

Thanks to my very plugged in, Instagram-expert pal, Ken – I’ve known for a while that Jenn Herman is a serious go-to guru in social media, especially Instagram. Look for her at Jenn’s Trends, and also read her other Instagram marketing articles at SME   So it’s great she’s featured on Social Media Examiner (another site I love) explaining how to use Instagram Type Mode in Instagram Stories. Until reading this story I had no idea you could create a text-only story in Instagram!

Jenns Trends Jenn Herman Instagram expert

Instagram type stories Jenn Herman

I’m a fan of this post from Buffer with at least 8 actionable tips for Instagram marketing based on more than 20 studies of Instagram marketing efforts from a lot of smart sources and brands. Plus, they analyzed a lot of top, popular Instagram accounts and posts to see what’s really working. Great! Our research is already done. check out Tip #2 – reinforcing that earlier advice I gave you that consistency matters more on social media than quantity.

Another research-driven social media and marketing guru I’ve followed for years and frequently read is Neil Patel. So if he says he’s derived “10 powerful Instagram marketing tips (that actually work)”, then I’m definitely going to check those out.

Remember when we debunked some of the bad social media advice – including that more is not better on hashtags?

By the way – there is NO SUCH THING as a ‘shadow ban’ on hashtags or accounts at Instagram. Please don’t spread that stuff. DO read Jenn Herman’s well-researched takes.

It is important to do your homework and research hashtags first, and then keep a list of common tags for topics your biz to frequently post on. [Tip: I have a photographer pal who keeps a list of common photography hashtags and tags for our local area in a Notes file on his phone, easy to copy&paste into Instagram.]

I mention a few hashtag research options in my Top 10 Fave Social Media Tools guide – you can get your copy free here if you don’t have it already.

Plus check out these hashtag tools:

#tagdef – run a search on a hashtag or a phrase, see what’s popular, what’s trending

Trendsmap – find the hashtags trending in your local area (particularly for Twitter, but can try using for Instagram tags in your area too).

I’d love to hear more about how you’ve incorporated Instagram into a solid marketing strategy for your service-based business. Drop me a line and share what you’ve learned about Instagram – or drop a note in the comments.


[Orig Sept 2018; Updated Sept 2020]

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