Social Media Sizes Cheat Sheets

One of the toughest parts of marketing in social media is getting a consistent look, keeping your branding for your business or organization, and optimizing for that given social channel. Especially in terms of visuals. Twitter's profile box is a different size than Facebook, or Pinterest, or YouTube or G+, etc. And they all have different headers or background areas. And the rules keep changing.

I can't claim credit for creating these cheat sheets – just for finding them!

The cheat sheets for the various social media channels also include tips on sizes of upload allowed, # of characters in a post or update [did you know you could have up to 100,000 characters in a Google+ status update?! I don't know who reads a novella like that there, but it's possible!]

And yes, you will have to spread some social love for the designers, the Pink Group, in order to ‘unlock' the download feature. But worth it to Tweet it out or share on Facebook.

SocialMediaSizesCheatSheetsThe link to these social media cheat sheets is a nice complement to last week's post with the Social Media Checklist Infographic.

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Jennifer Burke

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