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Woman at Laptop searching for 5 Tools to Easily Resize Images Improve Website Speed

How to Easily Resize Images and Speed Up Your Site

Google and Your Readers Want Both Images and a Speedy-Loading Website – Here’s How Do you know how to easily, quickly resize images so the file size (data amount) is not huge, still looks good, and doesn’t slow down your site? It’s really not that techie – I’ll tell you how and give you options […]

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Laptop on desk showing Facebook how to fix when images don't show on facebook or other social media

Fix When Your Blog Images Won’t Show Up on Social Media

Having Trouble With Your Website or Blog Post Images Not Showing Up When You Share to Facebook? You’re not alone. I was participating in a group ‘challenge’ recently, all of us solopreneurs encouraging each other to create and share useful content for our different niches. It was awesome! But … so many folks in the […]

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Graphic design explained for the non-designer

Explaining graphic design for the non-designer If you do any kind of marketing you will end up working with images and graphic designs – be they of your own creation or from an expert designer. And as a marketer one of the skills you need is to ‘translate’ between non-marketers and non-designers and those who […]

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