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InfoHound's suggested fixes for solopreneur YouTube marketing

10 Quick YouTube Fixes

10 Quick Fixes for Better Marketing With YouTube You’ve read my posts about all the facts on why video is hot, hot, hot. You’ve heard it from other coaches and solopreneur leaders, marketing experts, and umpteen online courses or emails. So you have a YouTube channel and you’re making some videos. Great! Now here are […]

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InfoHound says check your competition for video ideas

Video Ideas From Competitors

Check Your Competition for Video Ideas If you’re running out of video ideas, look to your competition to find out what’s working and what’s not working in terms of content for videos. It’s not cheating to get an idea from someone else, and it’s not plagiarism. C’mon, as an info pro I would NEVER suggest […]

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Video Facts For All Solopreneurs

Video Marketing Facts Every Solopreneur Should Know Before you embark on video marketing, there are a few facts to be aware of. Or maybe you need some cold hard data to convince you video isn’t a fad. Got you covered! I’m The InfoHound, so you KNOW I’ve done my research on this. I love finding […]

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InfoHound Gives 10 Reasons Solopreneurs Need YouTube

10 Reasons Solopreneurs Need to Use YouTube

Ten Reasons Solopreneurs Need to Use YouTube In Your Marketing Using YouTube to market your business is really a no-brainer. But if you’’ve been hesitant to take the plunge, you might want to read over these ten reasons to market your business using YouTube. 1. It’’s Free – – Using YouTube itself is free. You […]

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8 easy video ideas for solopreneurs blog post

8 Easy Video Ideas

Eight Easy Ways to Start Using Video In Your Marketing Right NOW   There are more than these 8 ways to use video marketing, but these are some ideas to help jump start things when you’’re just getting started with using videos for marketing. I’ll expand on these ideas later and show you some others.  […]

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Marketing Mix Monthly

Marketing Mix Monthly – July

Time for the July Marketing Mix Monthly Roundup! There seemed to be a definite visual marketing theme in links I saved for the roundup this month. So here are some good tidbits on video, visual learning and design.   Online Video.Net – 7/25/14: ‘Ogilvy and Google Detail Steps for Online Video Success’ “All marketing videos […]

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Marketing Mix Monthly Roundup – May!

Conferences are over, holiday weekend is over and summer is coming! Now there’s finally time to gather up the Marketing Mix Monthly Roundup for May!   Whew. May was a busy month! Lots of work, events, calls and travel. Had a great experience at the STC TechComm Summit in Phoenix and that heat (and the […]

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