Changes, tweaks and adjustments coming soon!

A bit of remodeling and upgrading coming here to the home of The InfoHound. I’ve been watching videos & webinars; reading books, articles, blog posts, emails, trade press,  and magazines; attending events and conferences, ‘going to class' and generally learning so much good stuff lately that my head might explode soon!!

learn to changeI need to find new ways to get all that knowledge out and share it with you here!

1) Because it's the kind of knowledge that is meant to be applied, shared and taught,  and

2) because that's what I DO!


What kind of changes? What have I learned?

I’ve attended great talks by Debra Fine,

Debra Fine
photo © by Mark Goldstein / IRC








and Erika Napoletano 

Erika Napoletano
Photo © by Mark Goldstein








And branding expert Aaron Templer. 

Amazing, inspiring, thought-provoking presentations. [Maybe someday I will tell a story about Debra Fine’s great book “Small Talk” that I was able to tell her!]



And now I have my signed copy of Napoletano’s UnPopular to finish reading.

[Napoletano gained… I won’t say more ‘popularity … from this TEDx talk –  watch and you’ll know why! ]



Video Super Heroes!

Video is HOT! It's perhaps the biggest change to marketing since the days of  John Wanamaker! Small businesses, firms, entrepreneurs and non-profits that could never afford TV advertising can produce creative, engaging, educational videos on their own.

Want proof that even seemingly ‘unsexy' industries, or B2B companies, can make this work? Seen the Blendtec videos? Yeah, that's an iPhone in a blender! It's a great story and marketing success.

I’ve learned (and am still learning!) many cool tips, tricks and techniques for videography from some of the current gurus in the field of video marketing. Experts such as Steven Washer, Don Crowther, Jason Fladlien, James Wedmore, Jody Jelas, Andy Jenkins and Marisa Murgatroyd.


infohound_videosupplies_smI’ve got a few pieces of gear, accessories for my DSLR & pocket HD video, new software and will be putting it to use to better engage here and elsewhere in my business.
As I learn more, I’ll share even more – because that’s what I do!


Entrepreneurship, marketing and marketing intelligence

Small business, entrepreneurship and marketing ideas from Steve Gordon, Ian Brodie, Dov Gordon, Chris Brogan and PJ Van Hulle are now in my toolkit/arsenal.  So much good information to share and spread the word about.

The team at Aurora WDC, along with SLA [Special Libraries Association], and info pro colleagues like Ellen Naylor have been buffing up my knowledge of competitive intelligence, market intelligence, event-based research & intell as well as using social media to collect intelligence. Some of those research tools and skills are ones all business folks can make use of, and I’ll be sharing those in the near future.

So, what's next?

The interesting news and excellent resources about doing better research and using search shortcuts will continue – but likely over at the blog part of IntelliCraft Research.  IntelliCraft will maintain its focus on business intelligence through smarter research – so you can always look smart in your business.

But The InfoHound is going to explore the ‘info’ of marketing  – marketing strategy, research, planning and techniques. Emphasis on strategy and research, sound principles and how it can all work for us ‘little guys and gals’. It keeps the blend of marketing, information, research and libraries that is the essence of The InfoHound’s background and expertise. So, keep your eyes peeled for new things coming!



About the author 

Jennifer Burke

I want all of my solopreneur pals to feel confident and mighty in their marketing - sharing what makes their work special and so vital to their clients. No B.S. or fluff here. I do the digging and research for you, translate "marketing-ese" into simpler terms, and help you avoid marketing headaches.

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