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5 Expert Marketing Resources Share Tips and Examples to Inspire Your Email Welcome Series

I’m a huge believer in the power of email marketing to build and grow a business in our very digital world. Email is far from dead! Authentic, value-driven, personality-sharing emails delivered straight to your prospects’ inboxes are a great way to build Know-Like-Trust factors crucial to turn a reader to a prospect to a happy customer. One of the most essential tools in your email marketing toolkit is your series of automated emails to welcome a new list subscriber to your email community.

But if you’re not a writer or ever get stumped it can feel miserably hard to figure out what to say in a welcome series of emails. I’m here to help with a round-up of examples of good welcome emails that you should steal borrow for your business. PLUS I have a workshop coming if you want hands-on help and accountability for your creating your own Email Welcome Series Mojo.

List of 5 expert marketing resources on email welcome series

“8 out of 10 customers expect to receive a welcome email after they sign up for an email list”

This article on the 7 best welcome email examples to engage your customers  – from OmniSend – restates a lot of the great data out there that backs up why email is still an awesome marketing tool.

It includes good reminders that you may also have automated welcome series after someone purchases a product (digital or otherwise) from you. Goal here is to make sure they are happy with purchase, show how to get the most from the purchase, and encourage them to be repeat customers later.  Omnisend shares examples from a variety of larger brand names and e-commerce sites (e.g. Michaels, AirBnB, Away) and smaller niche sellers.


HubSpot always leads by example with content marketing and giving valuable content in exchange for email subscriptions. It’s natural they have a round-up of 10 examples of welcome emails to inspire your own strategy.

They include examples from Virgin America. Monday.com, Ikea and more. Yes, those are big names with big budgets but they send welcome emails just like we can and do as solopreneurs and small businesses! There’s always a nugget or two to learn from the larger brands.


SendInBlue’s post on 9 best welcome emails examples to win over subscribers reminds us that we want to use our welcome emails to ‘start off on the right foot’ with our newest community members. These first emails are the most read and a golden opportunity at relationship building.  Naturally, as an email marketing tool they also give an opt-in gift of email templates and encourage you to use their product. But the advice and examples work no matter what software you choose.

I liked that instead of just 9 brands’ emails, they showcased types of welcome emails: video greetings, GIFs, personalization, product showcases, and more.


This article from Instapage on the 7 welcome email examples for your next campaign reminds us that a good, attention-getting subject line is just as important for an initial welcome email as it is for all the rest of our emails.  Pay attention to the subject lines of the examples from all these articles AND from the emails you get as you subscribe to new lists.

Tip 2 from Instapage is key – “set expectations.”  In your welcome series set the tone for your new email relationship and be clear about how often you email, what types of things you send, and just generally build up trust.


Bonus Tip: Keep an email swipe file in your inbox

I use a label in Gmail to indicate Email Swipe Examples – and tag anything that catches my attention that I may want to explore, copy, or be inspired by later. See a good subject line, like how they formatted an email, like a phrase they use to talk about something in your niche – save it to your Swipe File.  Then review that folder or label later when you feel stuck or need some inspiration for your own emails.


From my own much-loved email marketing software, Active Campaign, is their 6-email sequence you can steal based on examples from AC users and experts

Yep, they want you to go right ahead and borrow/steal/use their email examples. I’m sure they’d love if you used ActiveCampaign to send those emails, but they recognize they are walking the talk in content marketing by educating and offering value to everyone.

Be sure to read or scroll though to see examples of exactly what some AC experts out in their welcome series.

Such as this example that lists a 4-email series:

1 – Welcome – a friendly welcome to new clients

2 –  How we work – start building trust with giving info on the team

3 – What to expect from us – lay out exactly what the new client can expect

4 – What we need from you – if a new client needs to fill forms, do tasks, offer them a checklist to make it easy and smooth start to the relationship

Roundup of 5 other marketing experts tips on email welcome series

There are other nuggets in all of the articles about what can go in each email in the welcome series. Pull what works for you and your business right now.

Also, that’s a big part of what I’m teaching in my Email Welcome Series Mojo workshop – what to put in your series, how to craft a compelling email, and then we get them written!

Go find some inspiration here to write or refresh the most opened emails you ever send your community – your welcome email series.


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