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So, What IS Content Curation and How Does It Help for Easier Solopreneur Marketing?

Naturally, as trained library professional (once one, always one), curation is right up my alley. Without that degree I’d still be a natural, life-long learner and sharer of information. I consider it a core part of my business to go find smart, useful resources and share them here with you – that’s content curation in a nutshell.

Maybe it would be better if I SHOWED you what smart content curation is .. by curating from one of the masters. 😀   I’ll let my biz coach and content marketing master extraordinaire, Kelly McCausey tell you about content curation as a component of good, easy, quick content marketing that is PERFECT for us solopreneurs.  When you have only a small chunk of time to work on some marketing, content curation is a perfect fit.

When you see something smart that another writer, blogger, biz owner has written and you want to share it – pause before you automatically drop it in to Facebook. Instead, go to your website, create a new post, add in a few paragraphs (100-150 words, 2 paragraphs at most! This is supposed to be quick) about WHY you think that thing you read is great and worth sharing (or why it got you hopping, blood boiling mad), and link to the original post. Take a screenshot of the original post, put that in YOUR post, along with making sure you note who the author of the original material is, and BOOM. You have curated content ready to share. NOW you go share YOUR post to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

If you want to see some example posts I curated here at Mighty Marketing Mojo during Kelly’s most recent 5-day curation challenges, you could read my posts on: How Can Solopreneurs Beat Imposter Syndrome, the 5 Core Social Media Skills for All Solopreneurs, or one that amplifies a fave topic of mine, You CAN Grow Your Social Media Presence Without Tons of Time.

Join me and Kelly McCausey of LovePeopleandMakeMoney.com as we chat about content curation in marketing

To help reinforce how easy and natural it is for us to curate and share smart content – we already do it nearly every day on social media, let’s just take it back to our own home bases (our websites or blogs) – I invited Kelly to chat with me and my community during my 30in30 Mighty Marketing Challenge.

Kelly is so smart and down to earth and fun that I can’t just keep that chat inside my community, I gotta share it with everyone! 😁
I especially need to share with all my pals who couldn’t make the chat live and begged me for replays. Click below to pop-up the video and watch our chat.

[video_page_section type=”custom” position=”default” image=”https://www.mightymarketingmojo.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Mighty-Marketing-Challenge-Guest-Kelly-McCausey.png” btn=”light” heading=”Jennifer + Kelly Chat Content Curation” subheading=”” cta=”” video_width=”720″ ]


And if you want to dive a little deeper in to refining your content curation skills as part of a smart content marketing strategy for your business – I’m happy to chat with you and definitely think you ought to check out Kelly’s Smart Curation Skills class that’s available for you to go through anytime.


Something we chatted about quite a bit in the video was how it’s ok, even necessary, for you to take a stand and share your opinions, even through your content curation. Of course, Kelly has a post about powering up your blog by being more opinionated. I think too many of us shy away from getting up on our soapboxes (you know you have one) and sharing our opinions (you know you have those too!) about what’s going in our niches, our industries, what we think is awesome and what just drives us bonkers. Check out Kelly’s 7 tips for sharing your opinion – and I’ll add that these tips work for those posts you’re curating too.


Now go do what you already do – share stuff you love with your audience of customers, clients, and prospects. Give them good, useful info and help build that KNOW-LIKE-TRUST factor that's so important in growing and marketing a business. Come over to the Mighty Marketing Mojo Facebook Group and share with us what you curated in just 10 minutes!

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