It might be questionable to make my first official post about an article with “stop f**king around” in the title. But there are some salient points raised here.

First-Time Startup Entrepreneurs: Stop Fucking Around | TechCrunch.

At first I read it and griped that it is focused on tech start-ups, coders, programmers, the next big app thing. What about the rest of us? What about those who ‘start-up' something that isn't a Silicon Valley wunderkind, or going to get Y-Combinator funding, or maybe any funding at all other than our savings accounts? But yes, the article is from TechCrunch, so a techie focus should likely be expected.

However, a few universally salient points are made:

– Don't waste time. Don't meet people for sake of meeting people, or code because you can, or do whatever it is that seems cool and  a ‘must'. Instead … work.

-But … don't work to the complete exclusion of everything else. Find your ‘me time' thing and keep it on your calendar. Always.

-Define your goals first. Sounds simple and common sense, right? but apparently it's easy to just jump into the ‘doing' and forget about the ‘why you're doing' or ‘who you're doing for'. Don't forget. Plan around the ‘why' and the ‘who' and take your time to figure out how you're getting there — first.

For other non-techies out there, what did you take away from this article that could help you?

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