Walk My Marketing Talk by Taking the Stretch Yourself Challenge

It's Always a Good Time to Stretch Myself
and Re-find Marketing Mojo

Sometimes, we who teach, aren’t so great at the doing and following of our own advice. Like when your parents yelled “do what I say, not what I do!”. Yeah, that was bogus. 😄 Still is! But life and business happens and sometimes we need a nudge to take it up a notch in our own niches. It doesn’t matter that my knowledge and expertise on marketing goes back 25 years if I’m NOT walking my own content marketing talk and fully embracing my own marketing mojo. There's always room to stretch and get outside our comfort zones. Good thing it's time for the 2019 Stretch Yourself Challenge!

So, don't we stretch ALL the time? How could I misplace my marketing mojo?

Life is busy. Summer was busy (and fun). Other priorities come up – that’s kind of a big part of why we are solopreneur biz owners, take on those other things! The other side/half of my business wants attention as I have 5 in-person workshops (in two states, months apart, but still) to work on. The nonprofit I’m the founding president for is in the middle of its first strategic plan and making plans for the next two years of conferences (oh and we’re ramping up things for this year’s event in November!). I’ve been setting up new software and website tech for Mighty Marketing Mojo. I’m emailing you awesome goodness for #ThursdayTips. I’m planning courses and coaching and I’m still doing Borrow My Brain sessions with solopreneur clients.

But …

If I’m totally honest … I’m still laying low, hiding, and not out there walking all my marketing talk all the time. I can do more. I believe my community NEEDS me to do more.

And …

Growth in our businesses (and lives) comes from stretching, pushing, and experimenting with new ideas and tactics.

Isn’t it ironic that we – solopreneurs who went out on our own to launch a business all by ourselves – can be risk-shy and let fear and doubt creep in?! We don't venture out of the comfort zone.

“Everyone’s already written tons of blog posts about that, why would they read mine?”

“Everyone’s already done webinars to death. Webinars aren't a hot marketing tool anymore. No one will show up.”

“I'm not a trained or licensed coach! Who am I to market and launch a coaching program?”

“I can’t speak at a live event! I’m not a famous public speaker, why would they want me?”

“There’s 1 BILLION hours of video watched on YouTube everyday. How will anyone ever see my video and why do they want to?”

EXCUSES! Your ego is trying to protect you, keep you safe in the comfort zone, play where you know how. And makes excuses for you.

There are tons more excuses for why we’re not stepping up and stretching ourselves in our content marketing. But that’s all they are – Stretch Yourself Challenge on Content Marketing from Kelly McCauseyEXCUSES. And crappy whiny ones at that! 😄 We can do better. Our communities and audiences NEED us to do better.

We do better by challenging that voice inside us, by pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone by sharing and promoting our businesses MORE not less.

Good thing I’ve got just the right nudge and kick in the pants to put those excuses away!

September, with back-to-school time all over the U.S., is perfect for learning for all ages. There’s still time to make tremendous progress in our business before the end of the year. Winter hasn’t sapped our energy yet. We’re primed to learn and try new things thanks to all those years of school. That must be why Kelly McCausey has now put her annual Stretch Yourself Challenge for Content Marketing during September! Boy am I ready to stretch out of the comfort zone I’ve fallen into lately with my marketing.

Yes, even marketing coaches fall in to marketing bogs! I've made good plans, had consistency in parts of my marketing but even I don't promote like I know is optimal. Time for the marketing coach to get coached! 😁 This challenge will pull us all out and get us powered up for the rest of the year and beyond.

The 2019 Stretch Yourself Challenge can help YOU smash all those excuses with:

  • The packed action guide of 15 choose-your-own-adventure style content marketing challenges
  • 16 live training/Q&A sessions (and yeah, replays of everything) including surprise pop-up guest experts
  • An online group (FB) for support and accountability
  • AND for this year – teams! Yes, you’ll be put on a team who is all stretching together, sharing together, growing together, and kicking those excuses to the curb.

The fact that this challenge is all about sharing, going through it together, getting group accountability and cheering is HUGE. I’ve tackled tons of projects on my own. I’ve learned the past 3 or so years that I do more, am more, when I do that growing, those projects, in a group.

With other projects on my plate, changes still needed in my business, those workshops to work on – I nearly decided to lay low and skirt through the SYC this year even after I already paid to join. I nearly gave in to those whiny, crappy excuses. But the infectious energy and excitement of the group in just the first 48 hours reminded me why I’m doing this for at least the 4th straight year – and why you should kick your excuses to the curb too and join us!

You don’t have to do all the challenges ( you really shouldn’t try in 1 month!) but you do need to commit yourself to working, stretching, asking for help, and growing your self and your business. This is a challenge I gladly pay for each year – it’s well worth the value with how much Kelly gives, but also worth it for how much I get done that boosts my business.

Stretching Your Content Marketing is Always a Path to Marketing Mojo

Even if you don't join me in SYC2019 take time over the next 30 days to see where you've been hiding, playing small, or not stretching with your business's content marketing. Commit to your own challenge! Contact 10 people to have conversations. Write an excellent, helpful, epic blog post and then plan out 90 days of sharing and re-sharing the epic wisdom from that post. Create some videos for Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube that show your expertise in a different way or give a sneak peek inside your business. Go stretch yourself and find some extra marketing mojo!

[Psst … want to know my commitments during SYC2019? Definitely starting up the Mighty Marketing Mojo YouTube channel (challenge #15) and because some solos asked for it, creating a new free gift (challenge #5) about blog post promotion, thinking about more … and I’m working with a pal and my team leader [go #TeamBold!] to create our own special, not-in-the-book-challenge! Gotta join us to find out what we’re up to!]

Here’s an impromptu video I made about the challenge over on my Mighty Marketing Mojo Facebook page – check it out and give the page a LIKE too if you’re a solopreneur who wants to get their marketing unstuck and move their business forward.


Note: If you’re seeing this after Friday, September 6, the live challenge is closed, but you can still join us as a self-study. You get the awesome guide, you will have videos of some of the pop-up training sessions, and you can always join the amazing Love People & Make Money Facebook Group. But you won't have the live video meetings nor be eligible for prizes. You'll still learn and grow though!

About the author 

Jennifer Burke

I want all of my solopreneur pals to feel confident and mighty in their marketing - sharing what makes their work special and so vital to their clients. No B.S. or fluff here. I do the digging and research for you, translate "marketing-ese" into simpler terms, and help you avoid marketing headaches.

  • Renee Cohn Jones says:

    Holy tamoly! 5 workshops coming up? I knew about the conferences for your non profit and all of the Mighty Marketing stuff you’ve done this summer (and I’ll put in a plug that your authenticity and your holding our group to being accountable during the MMM summer coaching was awesome!). Your ‘little’ impromptu video was great. Looking forward to your you tube channel!!

  • The comparison game has stopped me in my tracks more often than I’d like to admit. This challenge is a great one for getting my eyes off of what others are doing and getting to work creating good stuff for the world!

  • I got totally mired in the product creation end of things this year and have completely lost my marketing mojo. Looking forward to getting some of it back with the challenge.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing the challenge you and Val are cooking up. And I don’t know how you manage to accomplish so much.

  • I gotta say you inspire and motivate me! You have a full plate and yet you are still always there there to answer questions and cheer people on in the group – helping move us all forward. Thank you for all you do. Here’s to stretching with you!

  • Ah yes, the infamous ego that keeps us stranded in our comfort zone! I know it all too well. A challenge seems like the best way to get more done in less time. That’s my goal! Work like mad and then set back and take a breather before doing it again. The ebb and flow of life! Cheering you and me on!

  • “Everyone’s already written tons of blog posts about that, why would they read mine?” Stop reading my mind, Jennifer! Thank you for your honest, vulnerable post!

  • I so appreciate your openness in this post about the things you feel you can do better. You did it in a way that wasn’t putting yourself down, but simply acknowledging what is there and how to tackle it. And whew, you’ve got a lot out there already! Good luck in the challenge! May you kick butt personally, but may your team land 1 point behind Team Shine. 😉

  • “Everyone’s already written tons of blog posts about that, why would they read mine?” — This is what the little voice in my head keeps saying to me. It’s keeping me in my comfort zone. Great post.

  • Take Away Comment: EXCUSES! Your ego is trying to protect you, keep you safe in the comfort zone, play where you know how. And makes excuses for you.
    Sadly, I have lived way to long with my ego trying to keep me safe. LOL! These past few months, I have learned so many great insights from you. Thank You!

  • “Isn’t it ironic that we – solopreneurs who went out on our own to launch a business all by ourselves – can be risk-shy and let fear and doubt creep in?! We don’t venture out of the comfort zone.” OMG, I thought it was just me! Thank you for the reminder that it’s NOT just me, and the push to keep stretching and experimenting. You ROCK, Jennifer!

    • Jennifer Burke says:

      Definitely not just you Rena! Glad it helps to give voice to those little nagging thoughts that so many solopreneurs, of all success levels, have at times.

  • Sometimes I lose my business mojo all together. I’ve spent so much time working on other people’s businesses that i have really neglected my own. That is why I’m in the challenge this year. Working on my own business mojo. And, you have always been such a great support to me answering my questions in the group!

  • Great post, Jennifer, and a good reminder that walking is done one step at a time. That’s how we reach the destination no matter how far away it seems to be.

  • Life is busy and those voices in our head are just a killer!!
    Wishing you lots of success with your UT channel. Im sure it will open lots of new opportunities for you.

  • As a fellow marketing coach/consultant I totally get the irony between the stretching we do for clients yet the balking we do for ourselves and our businesses. Enjoyed learning more about you and your biz and the stretching you’re doing for this challenge. See ya at the finish line!

  • I don’t know whether we should walk our talk or only exclusively talk our walk …either way Stretching towards our goals spoken or unspoken, will always take us further! Thank you for being so honest and inspiring me to keep on keeping on!

  • I love it- marketing mojo! You’re definitely reviving yours. It can definitely be difficult to get back in the swing of things after an extended time of. But, you’re doing a gr ee’s at job. Looking forward to celebrating with you at the end of SYC!

  • You are making it happen at SYC. Congratulations on the challenges you’re working on and all your accomplishments. I’m excited about all the energy you bring to the challenge!

  • You are a high octane stretcher Jennifer and I love watching you take everything to a new level!

  • Isn’t it funny how you can say “I’m just going to go” (i.e. going to go to the gym but not exercise, go to the party for 15 minutes…) and then you get into it and have a wonderful time 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing what you create in the challenge this month. Good luck 🙂

    • Jennifer Burke says:

      Such a great point! If we just nudge ourselves to start (“just going to ….”) and take a small first step we can get so into it we just keep rocking and maybe never notice whatever discomfort we first had.

  • You totally nailed it – we have to stretch if we want to grow, no doubt about it 🙂 And this group is the perfect combination of support, love, guidance and a good kick in the butt when we need it LOL. Good luck with the rest of the challenge – you’re going to rock it! P.S. Love your writing style!

    • Jennifer Burke says:

      Thanks so much Kristin for your support and compliments. We’re rocking this challenge and all our business growth together.

  • Oh Lord, make me barf (in reference to that silly saying parents used to always say)! And of course I used that saying with my son too (embarrassing to admit that lol). I loved your post, Jennifer, right from the first sentence! I always joke about how I am excellent at talking to one of my clients about how to do this and then make it happen for them… but uhm when it comes to my biz, well let’s just say I’m not so great at doing and following my own advice 😉 And once again you hit the nail on the head when you said this: “Growth in our businesses (and lives) comes from stretching, pushing, and experimenting with new ideas and tactics.” I’ve personally seen this take place in my life… now to just continue stretching & pushing! It’s great having you here stretching with us even if you’re on the other team 😉

    • Jennifer Burke says:

      LOL! Yes, as we get older those ‘because I said so’ type comments or advice seem even sillier. A bit like some of our fears and discomforts look silly when we shine the light on them and support from friends like you. And gosh is it so hard to do for ourselves what we offer as advice to others! 🙂

  • You write very well, so you definitely have a message to share with the world. And you couldn’t be more right about the group dynamic. Kelly has created something really special with this challenge and I’m secretly rooting for BOTH teams. 🙂

    • Jennifer Burke says:

      That’s the best compliment Teresa, thank you! Having groups to support is so key in business and life. We may be solopreneurs but we aren’t alone at all.

  • #TeamBold is gonna capture the gold in this Stretch Yourself Challenge, right Jennifer? There’s always something to learn and grow–that’s what life is all about. Can’t wait to see where we are at the end of the month . . . and beyond!

    • Jennifer Burke says:

      A wonderful shoutout from my first stretching partner! We’ve come far haven’t we? And yes, we’re headed for stretches and business growth beyond this month. 😀

  • My mother used to say the same thing, “do what I say, not what I do”. I love your conversation witty writing style Jennifer. So much fun to read and you make so many great points about the excuses we make up.

    • Jennifer Burke says:

      Thanks Rosie for the great compliment on writing. Let’s not any of those excuses stop us from finding our mojo, right?1

  • You are so right.
    I tend to fall into the teaching mode as a writer.
    I have to push myself back into learning
    and doing mode often.

    • Jennifer Burke says:

      It’s not easy is it?! And while I’ve heard great advice lately about not putting all our knowledge on a topic in one blog post – to leave room for discussion and additions from our community – it’s hard to do with a teacher-mindset. I want to share it all!

      • LOL yes. That’s why I am seriously working on the length of the things I write. I’m trying hard to stick to the word count my clients want instead of just going nuts.

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