Mighty Marketing Shares 4 Ways to Measure Content Marketing Success

Solopreneurs Concerned with Content Marketing Should Know These 4 Ways to Evaluate Your Content Success

You know I love digging into data and research and sharing tips with you – so this post about the 4 ways you can evaluate and measure your content success beyond standard old pageviews, caught my attention. I'm a big believer in letting data inform our marketing and help us improve our efforts to serve our audiences. Do more of what works!

Screenshot of shared article from AudienceOps on ways to measure content beyond pageviews

From the content marketing team at AudienceOps…

Pageviews don’t give you a full picture of your content’s effectiveness. You need a deeper well of metrics to know whether your content really fulfills its purpose

Which is why as smart small biz folks using the power of content marketing, we need to know the tips, tools, and ways to make it work for us. You want to check out these 4 other ways to look at seeing if your content is doing what you set out to achieve.

A great example is tip #1: Lead Generation

If you create content with the intent of bringing in mighty, awesome new potential clients or customers … how do you know if your website content is leading to new leads? And even more importantly, is your site attracting and serving the right-for-you kind of audience? Are you getting bot traffic? Lookie loos who skim and bounce away quickly? Fluff traffic attracted by a viral, fluffy, not-on-message, blog post?

The most fundamental way to fix this is by asking visitors to do something on the page that pushes them into the next stage of the customer journey.

Translation – do you have a super opt-in form and gift in ALL your blog posts? [uh oh time to add one here too! 😉] Or are you asking them to leave a comment? to share your post with THEIR people?

I also like the bonus tips in this section on things like testing your CTA, putting your opt-in or CTA in different parts of your post, using different buttons or graphics, etc.

The other areas we should look at for content success metrics include: user behavior, quality engagement, and brand reputation.

Mighty Marketing recommends 4 metric categories to measure content marketing

All the points offer good ways to use the time and skills you have to dive a little deeper into seeing what is – or is not – working on your website with your content marketing.


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  • Thanks for this great curated article, Jennifer. I always learn something from your blog posts–thinking beyond page views is thinking outside the box.Thank you for pointing us to the references for looking at more ways to see how our content works . . . or doesn’t!

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