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Mighty Marketing Mojo 5 Evergreen Content Ideas for Bored Business Owner

5 Evergreen Content Ideas for any Solopreneur Niche

If You’re Feeling Stuck for Content Ideas Pick One of These to Use for Any Small Business Type or Niche   Summer is in full swing and the heat could be zapping your energy, fogging your brain, or melting your mojo. Or maybe you’re stuck inside on another cold day and the icy temperatures have […]

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Walk My Marketing Talk by Taking the Stretch Yourself Challenge

Walking My Marketing Talk – the 2019 Stretch Yourself Challenge on Content Marketing

It’s Always a Good Time to Stretch Myself and Re-find Marketing Mojo Sometimes, we who teach, aren’t so great at the doing and following of our own advice. Like when your parents yelled “do what I say, not what I do!”. Yeah, that was bogus. 😄 Still is! But life and business happens and sometimes […]

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Mighty Marketing content curation quick marketing wins by sharing info you love

Smart Content Curation for Quick Solopreneur Marketing Wins

So, What IS Content Curation and How Does It Help for Easier Solopreneur Marketing? Naturally, as trained library professional (once one, always one), curation is right up my alley. Without that degree I’d still be a natural, life-long learner and sharer of information. I consider it a core part of my business to go find […]

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Great content can solve problems people don't know they have

The Greatest Lie of Content Marketing

What’s the greatest ‘lie’ of content marketing? That we tell ourselves, as we’re creating, it’s for our customers, our audience. <sigh> Sadly, that’s often wrong. True content marketing SHOULD be about and for the audience –  your reader, your prospect, customer, client, user, donor or patron. The first question about your content should be: ‘is […]

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Practice patience in marketing

What really needs to go in a Content Marketing plan?

#1 Rule of Content Marketing Plans – Always, always ask: What kind of content does YOUR audience even want?! Then, take ideas and research answers to that question and work it into your plan, into all your content, into your persona development (for your target), into your promotion – everything centers on that question. 7 […]

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Focus on your content goals for each platform

What are the goals of content marketing?

Do your content goals match your marketing goals? Do they match your organization’s overall goals for the year? Content needs to align – and it needs to help your organization while it helps your audience. Think of content as the missing puzzle piece – but you need all the other pieces too! You may not […]

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Content Marketing 101 – 4 steps

Next Lesson in Content Marketing 101: The great thing about content marketing, aside from the fact that it’s a relatively cheaper form  of marketing, is that it’s a real investment in your business or organization that pays off over and over again, year after year. When you create content today, it will be working for […]

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